Taking Care of Your Spa

Chemical Start Up Process

Step 1:
Let water reach temperature of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit before adding any chemicals to the water so that the granules dissolve properly.

Step 2:
Add 1 level teaspoon of One Step Brominating Concentrate sanitizer per 200 gallons of water with circulation system operating. Add 2oz. of Natural Chemistry Stain & Scale.

Step 3 - Sanitizing (4 Methods):

  • Floating Frog System - Floating or Inline For inline system, use blue and green cartridges and set at a (3) initially, adjusting up or down as needed. For floating system, use blue and yellow cartridges and set at a (5) initially, adjusting down as needed.
  • Brominating Tablets (Floating System) - Natural Chemistry Spa Bromine Tablets - Introduce 3 tablets per 300  gallons spa water with the use of a floating tablet feeder.
  • Sanitizing Granules (Chlorine) - Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine Concentrate Granular - With pump on, add 1/2 teaspoon of this product per 100 gallons of water as an initial treatment. Test strips must be used regularly to determine the frequency of additional doses of this product needed to maintain the chlorine level.
  • Sanitizing Granules (Bromine) - Natural Chemistry One Step Brominating Concentrate Add 1 level teaspoon of this product per 200 gallons of water with the circulation system operating.


Weekly Maintenance:

  • Test water for bromine (or chlorine), Alkalinity, PH, and total hardness with test strips (adjust levels as needed). We also offer FREE water testing in our store!
  • Add 2oz per 300 gallons of spa water of Spa Oxidizing Shock maintain.
  • Add 2oz of Stain & Scale Control and 1oz of Natural Clarifier. If your spa has an Ozonator, you may find that you don’t need to use Natural Clarifier because ozone acts as a flocculent, allowing smaller particles to be filtered out.

We offer FREE water testing in our store!

Soak filter overnight in Filter Cleaner & Degreaser monthly, or more frequently if spa has high usage, (never run spa without filter).

Drain your spa water every 3-4 months depending on use. If your spa has an Ozonator, changing your spa water may only be necessary every 8-12 months.

*If you are new to water maintenance, test your spa water daily to ensure you have a proper sanitizer level. If you are using an Ozonator, you can keep the bromine/chlorine level at the low end of ‘ideal’ range on your test strips. You will find that your spa will use less sanitizer because the Ozone is killing most of the bacteria and viruses. Because you are using less chemicals with an Ozonator, balancing will be easier and less time consuming.

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