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Gas Fireplace Maintenance Visit - What's Included?

Gas Fireplace Maintenance - Chim Chimney Wenatcehee.jpg

Now is a perfect time to get your Gas Fireplace maintained. It’s a great service we provide. Here’s what’s included:

  • Check Vent for Blockage

  • Check Carbon and Soot Build Up

  • Remove and Clean Logs

  • Check gasket and Clean glass if Needed

  • Gasket on Pilot Assy

  • Check Pilot light - Lighting properly

  • Check main burner flame

  • Refresh Embers

  • Dust and Clean firebox

  • Check thermopile/Couple

  • Remove, Clean blower

  • Check Rheostat Operations

  • Remove Control Operation

  • Replace remote batteries

  • Thermostat Operation

  • Full System Check

Sounds good? Schedule a visit today, get a head start on your spring cleaning chores.