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It's TIME to Clean your Filter!

Having a Clean Spa Filter is Critical to Comfortable Water

That is way Too dirty!

That is way Too dirty!

How often? Is it really that important? How can you tell if it is dirty? Can it restrict water flow? Yes, those are the questions we hear almost everyday, and that probably isn’t all of them either. If you have ever wondered, here are a few answers:

We recommend that you clean your filters about every 2-3 weeks depending on your bather load. Most filters actually never look as dirty as what you see in the picture. Usually, they are dirty deep inside the pleats and require a little effort to get clean. If you have access to a water hose, use a nozzle and jet out as much as you possibly can. It may take you five minutes or so to get most of the debris out of the filter pleats.

Every 3rd month or so we recommend that you do a filter clean product and soak the filter. This will help remove any of the calcification that has built up in the pleats and really add longevity to the life of the filter. We keep the filter cleaner here in stock for you to pick up and do at home.

If none of this appeals to you, we offer a filter cleaning service. It cost 5$. You bring in the filter we clean it and you pick up a few days later your clean filter. We do encourage you to have a replacement filter while we are cleaning the dirty filter. This way you never run your spa with out a filter.

By having a clean filter and watching it carefully over time you will have much cleaner and clearer water. We all hate those little particles floating around don’t we? I know I do! Also, by keeping your filter clean you will use less chemicals, which we all appreciate and so do our bodies. Lastly, well probably not really last, the jets will work better, because as the filter catches debris it begins to slow down water flow!

So, keep them clean and if you don’t want to do it please bring them in for us an we will do it for you!