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How to drain and refill my hot tub?

Every 3-4 months draining your spa is necessary. Below are a few basic instructions on how to do this properly.

  1. Remove filters and ad a Spa purge product or Jet line cleaner.

    1. Follow instructions as directed

  2. Shut off power to spa.

  3. Drain all water from spa. Most spas have a drain plug, usually near the access panel of the spa.

    1. This type of drain will remove most of the water from the hot tub. However, there will be water left in each seat and probably in the foot well.

    2. Remove this water with a wet dry vac or by some other means

    3. With most wet dry vacs you can blow the lines out by pushing air into one of the jets pushing any water out into the spa foot well. Do this, trying to get as much of the dirty water out of the plumbing.

  4. Clean the surface of the spa removing any scum left from using the cleaner mentioned above. Wipe off pillows the best you can.

  5. Make sure the drain plug is back in place

  6. Make sure you have clean or new filters back in the spa

  7. Begin refiling the hot tub.

  8. Once filled to the proper level turn breaker back on and allow hut tub to begin heating.

    1. you may need to change filter settings back to desired amount. See owners manual for instruction

If you desire to have us do this service for you please call 509-667-8833 or e-mail and we will be more than happy to come and take of this for you.