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Gas, Wood or Pellet - Which Fireplace is right for you?

Thinking of Fireplace heating options for your space? Here are some advantages of Gas, Wood or Pellet heat…

Chim Chimney Fireplace Wenatchee Leavenworth- Ambiance Gas Fireplace Insert2.jpg


  • Most convenient fuel to use

  • Independent of electricity - heats during power outages

  • Cleanest burning of all fuels



  • Natural, renewable resource

  • Independent of electricity

  • Enjoy sights, sounds and aroma of wood burning


Chim Chimney Best Deals Pellet Stoves Chelan Wenatchee Leavenworth foxfire.jpg
  • Natural, renewable, environmentally friendly

  • Safe, recycled wood waste (biomass)

  • Pellets are easy to use

  • Pellets are convenient to store

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