Owners Cam & Susan McNeill began their family business in 1979 from their home with a handful of chimney sweeping customers. They also repaired chimneys and began to install and service fireplaces and stoves. With the increasing demand for fireplace products and spas the little family business grew to what it is today. The retail location was opened in 1995 with impressive displays of the many products now featured. 

Chim Chimney Fireplace & Spa specializes in quality brands such as Napoleon & Ambiance, soapstone stoves by Hearthstone and Marquis Spas. Our showrooms boast's NCW's largest selection of fireplaces, stoves and stove pipe. In this complex industry with ever changing code requirements, you want the job done safely and professionally. Please do not rely on anyone without a lifetime of experience such as our own.

On average, we service over 600 customers per year with our own installers and service technicians. We truly do install and service what we sell for a "turn-key" experience. Please take the time to get to know our family and our staff, our products and services. 
We believe you will not find a better place for your "comfort, safety and leisure"

Although we carry many brands, our newest and most popular product showcased is the soapstone stove by Hearthstone. 

They are beautiful! Hearthstone has the huge glass door for you viewing experience; they use much less fuel than most stoves and don't overheat the room! Come in and see our huge selection. 

Three reasons the wood stove business is booming: 

    1 )  Clean burning North Idaho Energy Logs - Cost is less than a cord of wood without the mess! 

    2 )  Emergency Heat - During power outages you still have heat and a cook top! 

    3 )  Ambiance - Nothing compares to a real wood fire. Anything else is like comparing a real home cooked meal to a frozen dinner. Of course gas has a place in our lives too and we have many display models to help you decide. 

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide you with an excellent experience. 

Cam & Susan McNeill
Owners since 1979

Cam McNeill

Cam McNeill